More Information on Victim Service Agencies

Some partner violence agencies also have transitional living programs, where women and their children can live in an agency-owned apartment for an extended period of time. During that time, they receive counseling and other kinds of assistance. To be accepted into a program, women are interviewed and must demonstrate need. Cost is usually on a sliding scale, dependent on a woman's ability to pay.

Other services include support groups, vocational counseling and job training, outreach to high schools and the community, court advocacy, and mental health services or referrals. Many agencies have funding for practical matters such as locating temporary shelters and, if none are available, may be able to put women and their children up at a hotel for a few days. Some agencies, especially those outside of Allegheny County, provide services for sexual assault survivors as well. In Allegheny County, those services are provided by Pittsburgh Action Against Rape. General services for victims of violent crimes are provided in Allegheny County by the Center for Victims of Violent Crimes. See information about both of these agencies in the Resources for Victims section.