For Victims

Questions for Employees to Ask the EAP Counselor:

EAP services can be a good first step in accessing help if you are a partner violence (pv) victim or an abuser. Services are free and confidential. Your EAP counselor also can direct you to appropriate organizations and services in the community if immediate safety is an issue and for follow up when that is appropriate. You can also be prepared to ask your counselor what kind of training he or she has had in partner violence. Here are some questions to ask:

  • Have you had experience in working with partner violence? Please tell me about it.
  • What partner violence training have you had?
  • What can I expect from the EAP?

The EAP is also available to co-workers who are concerned and don't know where to turn. The goal is to support the co-worker in finding a way to provide support while not pushing the employee away. EAP contact is confidential and available as often as needed.

EAPs are there for the both the employee and the employer as a partner for safety at work and at home and a confidential way to obtain ongoing support and needed services.

STANDING FIRM thanks LifeSolutions for assisting in preparation of this section. LifeSolutions is a comprehensive best practice Employee Assistance Program with a thirty-five year history of excellence serving diverse employer clients. As part of a leading research-based medical center, LifeSolutions has been involved with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center's partner violence initiatives since 2001.