Employee Assistance Programs

EAP services generally include assessment, short-term problem resolution and referral services for employees and their household members. EAPs may also provide coaching for managers and supervisors in dealing with difficult personnel issues. They can be good resources for employees involved in abusive relationships, either as victims or as abusers.

Employers that provide EAP services as part of their benefit package often rely primarily on the EAP for prevention programming and intervention services. However, not all EAP organizations or EAP counselors are knowledgeable about partner violence. A recent article in the Journal of Women's Health1 concludes that there is little evidence to help us understand whether EAPs generally are equipped to handle employees who experience partner violence. For that reason, it is important that in selecting an EAP the employer assess the EAP's ability to address partner violence. A close partnership between the employer and the EAP will provide the framework for addressing the impact of partner violence at work.

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